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Date :12-Oct-2016

The formation of Kidney Stones is due to various metabolic disorders, and decreased urine volume or increased urinary excretion of certain chemicals that make it difficult for urine salts dissolve sufficiently. The decrease in solubility may be due to alteration of urinary acidity: acidic urine predisposes the formation of uric acid , while an alkaline urine facilitates stone formation containing phosphates.

There are different types of  kidney stones , depending on the combination of chemicals that make up and found naturally in the diet, as they are necessary for the formation of muscles, bones and other important parts of the body. For this reason, they affect all types of people, although it is more common in men and people with sedentary life style.

* Ureteric colic : is the most common process caused by urinary calculi and when one of them causes a blockage of urine flow from the kidney occurs.

* Low back pain : sometimes the pain is less apparent. Usually it is fixed and continuous in the lumbar area which is overlying the kidneys.

* Urinary tract infections : Infections that happen in body parts like kidney, bladder or urethra.

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