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Date :24-Aug-2017

Why choose Laser Prostate Surgery?

Prostate laser surgery largely treats BPH without making any cuts outside of your body. Instead, your doctor will insert a fiber-optic scope through the tip of the penis and into your urethra. Then your doctor will remove prostate tissue that’s blocking urine flow.

How does laser prostate surgery work?

Laser treatments use focused light that is tuned to a specific wavelength which allows it to become powerful beams. Laser Treatments allow the surgeon to make a high precision level of work focusing on a small area, while not damaging the surrounding tissue. Laser Treatment offers less pain, swelling, and scarring than with traditional surgery. However, it requires multiple treatments and is expensive.

Possible risks and side effects of Laser Prostate Surgery?

  • Excessive blood loss
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Reduction in blood sodium level
  • Difficulty in  holding urine
  • Dry orgasm
  • Difficulty in urinating (for first few days)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Overview of Laser Surgery at Anand’s Uro-Andrology Clinic

The surgery is led by the best prostate surgeon in Chennai, Anand’s Uro-Andrology Clinic offers the best Prostate Laser surgery in Chennai. Apart from Prostate Laser surgery, the clinic also offers specialized kidney stone laser treatment in Chennai. The clinic caters all treatment related to urinary tracts in male and female. Dr N Anandan, who is a urologist-androlgist, is having a wide experience in Penile Implant Surgery & Penile Curvature Correction surgery is the jack of all trades.


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