Remove Kidney Stone With Advanced Laser Technology

Date :29-Jan-2018

Kidney stones are the hard, crystalline mineral materials that are formed in the kidney or urinary tract. When urine has the excess of stone-forming substances or making a little amount of urine, kidney stones are formed.

What are the causes of developing kidney stones?

The causes of developing kidney stones are

  • Consuming less water/fluid per day
  • Poor diet
  • Protein rich diet
  • Salt rich diet
  • Consuming oxalate-rich foods
  • Side effect of Gastric bypass surgery
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Diarrhea
  • Genetic factors

What is the laser treatment for kidney stones?

Laser treatment of kidney stones is a minimally invasive process. It is used to diagnose and treat small kidney stones with the help of laser light. The process needs one-day hospital stay and 3 days of rest. For the laser treatment, an optical fiber is inserted in the patient ureter to reach to the kidney stones. Then, activate the laser and laser energy only breaks the kidney stones without affecting ureter’s tissue.

The pieces of stones then passed through the ureter and ejected with the urine. A catheter is also used to remove the stone pieces. Anand’s Uro-Andrology Clinic is an excellent clinic for laser treatment in ChennaiDr. N. Anandanprovides best treatment and care to the patients.

What are the advantages of laser treatment for kidney stones?

The advantages of laser treatment for kidney stones are

  • No need to do open surgery
  • Can treat stones in any location in the kidney
  • Outpatient procedure
  • Provides excellent results for small and medium-sized kidney stones
  • Ability to broke stone in small time
  • Fast and easy process
  • No need to provide blood thinning medications

Why we choose laser treatment?

Laser treatment is best for small and medium-sized kidney stones and gives high success rates. It has short recovery period and without the use of any medication for blood thinning.

What are the limitations of laser treatment?

Laser treatment has some limitations, such as

  • Large stones not treated well with laser
  • Sometimes optical fiber is not able to reach stone location

Dr. N. Anandan is one of the best urologists in the Chennai. He has an experience of many years to treat stone problems. The hospital provides best treatment facilities for laser treatment of stone.

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