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Date :07-Aug-2015

Today our health is the important part of our life. If there is any problem arises we all become nervous and feel unhappy with the conditions. In our busy life we all unaware of our health. Urological health is the main factor that for a human with healthy life. Some of the urology related issues is comes to be so badly result.

Anand's Urology Clinic in Chennai is the best for getting an effective cure for the conditions such as kidney stone diseases, prostate cancer, urinary tract infection, peyronie's disease. These conditions may cause depression among the people and tensed about the diseases.

Treatments Provided

  • Kidney Stone Treatment
  • Bladder Stone Treatment
  • Prostate Surgery

Dr. N. Anandan one of the best urologist in India offers you the best and affordable treatments. Once you are ready to visit the Anan'd Uro Andrology Clinic and get the safe procedure for recovering the conditions. In order to get better life and advice from urology specialist visit us

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About Dr. N. Anandan


Dr. N. Anandan is a senior consultant at Kauvery hospital and Apollo spectra hospitals in Chennai

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